Close Registration! 3 or 4 days before WordCamp.

Extract the data from the site and…! Make the nametags.

Order the food. Order the coffee/tea.

Create slides to show on the screen between presentations or at the end. They can include reminder messages: e.g. Recycle nametags at end, time and location of after-party if there is one, take all your belongings.

Supplies to bring! Routers, projector, screen, Mac adaptors (there are 4 kinds), power cords, multiple outlet cords, pens, markers, extra paper, blank name badges, extra trash bags, water, snacks, copies of the schedule, bandaids.

Speaker / Volunteer thank you gifts! These are optional. Giftcards are good and easy.

Ask your sponsors if they want to contribute anything. Many will.

The day before! Send an e-mail reminder to the speakers again. Remind them what time to show up and how long they have to talk.

Have a quick call with volunteers, site contact and anyone else that has a major role on the big day.

Call a taxi service if necessary and tell them to have extra cabs available at the time your events ends.

I recommend not having any handouts because they can take away from the presentations. It’s very distracting when people are ruffling through a bunch of papers when you’re trying to get a point across.

The BIG Day! Make a binder that includes:several copies of the speakers and volunteers cell phone list, all contracts, schedule, etc

On this day, you should give all the duties to your co-organizers / volunteers which will leave you free for emergencies, chatting with speakers, etc.

When registration opens, try to be at the registration desk since that will be the busiest place, to welcome people, guide your volunteers with any issues etc.

Setup: Make sure the schwag table, t-shirt table, registration table, nametag table, table with schedule handouts are all a pretty good distance apart to avoid people jams. These tables should be away from the conference room if possible to avoid noise in the conference room.

Make sure people have enough breaks to sit-up and stretch, get water, etc.

Text speakers 15 minutes before their session, asking them to come to the front.

Your sole duties should be: · Hand the speaker their gift offstage immediately after their presentation, in case they have to leave. ·

Have the volunteers meet at the end of the conference at the registration desk and hand them their gift.