Pre-printing is optional. You can just have the name badge stickers and attendees can write their name after registering.

Here are Andy’s instructions on how to print nametags with Gravatars.


Contact Maya with your address and she can send you stickers, buttons, tattoos and pencils. If you are not in the US, make sure to do this immediately to ensure you receive it in time. T-shirts! Make sure you follow-up several times with the vendor so you can ensure you get the t-shirts in time, with plenty of time to inventory and get more if they didn’t send the right/quantity sizes.

If you need customized schwag, contact Maya for intros to contacts at:


tattoos: Tattoo Fun

buttons: Busy Beaver Button Co.

pencils/pens/balloons: Republic Print

t-shirts: Indigo Clothing Co.

These are just suggestions, not required.


If you’re serving lunch, individually wrapped sandwiches work best. With buffet style, people start piling on and you could run out in the end. Choose some place that can deliver and help set up. Make sure to remember the vegetarians. Subway is easy, healthy, inexpensive, will usually deliver, and has good veggie options. Coffee and tea should also be delivery.