I’d like to share something that I ador…

I’d like to share something that I adored about WordCamp Netherlands. They set a goal NOT to get sponsors, having the event as professional but inexpensive as possible, with a donated facility and ticket prices covering a few of the costs. They relied heavily on their national and international network to publicize it for free.

What was so amazing is that they were so professional about it all and put together a top notch list of speakers from Holland and other countries, mixing the event’s languages in English and Dutch, sponsors came to them and begged to be involved. They donated the live video stream, food, all kinds of things. Almost too much. It was amazing.

There is something to be said for creating an event that MAKES sponsors want to be a part of it, not just attendees. It’s also less work.

I’ll be writing up more and sharing interviews I did with the organizer very soon. They have a lot of great lessons to share on how they put together such a successful event.